did you / will you see Titanic in 3D?

  1. k-xxv answered: yeees. c;
  2. xlive-to-laughx answered: nope! check out my blog :)
  3. unxgi answered: i will on friday
  4. ashtinmason answered: fuck no.
  5. t3hkidd answered: lolno
  6. abracadabramynigga answered: i spent $15 on a movie that i couldve watched at home for free. fml
  7. hebrewforlife answered: sure y not
  8. audreyelizabitch answered: yes!!
  9. detrimentaltravesty answered: i saw it… they didn’t even make Kate’s boobs in 3D, other than that it was awesome :)
  10. fa-ce-tious answered: no ew that movie sucks ass
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  12. blonde-n-plastic answered: im going to see it:)
  13. whosthatgirl--itsjess answered: I saw it tonight for the first time ever and it was amazing!
  14. m3ows answered: n0
  15. pinnned-up answered: i wanna soooo bad :c
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