do you ever randomly hear a song that transports you years back in your life?

where you feel just the same as when you listened to it in your past?

110 04.12.12
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  4. herbandorganics answered: yes! you are not alone in these feels.
  5. this-way-to-nowhere answered: sometimes
  6. milliontozeroinasecond answered: yea like summer of 69 by brian adams. listened to him a lot when i was a kid
  7. wishicouldfreezethismoment answered: yes,sometimes..
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  9. city-scaped answered: yes
  10. wild-wild-l0v3 answered: yes
  11. howling-foxes answered: Oh my god, yes! I used to live in a different country to where I live now, and certain songs remind me of it… :’]
  12. gg-dlovesugly answered: JUSTIN TIMBERLAAAKEE
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  14. carnedeminhaperna answered: All the time. I felt that last with Kitaro.
  15. onceinablueselina answered: Yes! Omds thats how I’m feeling right now :’)
  16. upprcttr said: of course :] the weird thing is it’s always like luther vandross. something my mom would always sing to as she would drive around with me in my car seat. i used to hate it back when but now i love it. it’s a huge reminder of all i’ve had with her :]
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  18. hebrewforlife answered: yeah man
  19. kingxleon21 answered: Drops of Jupiter by Train. Takes me back to my 14 year old self, starting a new venture. A little scared but excited for the path ahead
  20. emilygrac3 answered: life
  21. japeneseatheart answered: all the time :D
  22. g0rjesss answered: of course, Nostalgia. I think almost everyone has expierenced that.
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  25. undetered answered: Yes
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  28. redleadersnerfingbronybass answered: Holy crap yes!
  29. softstumpy answered: Lullaby, By: Shawn Mullins or If You Could Only See, by: Tonic
  30. rockclanify answered: Yes. I listen to songs like forever young - Jay Z and it makes me feel young at certain ties of the song, you should check it out
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  32. yoursmilingeyes answered: all the time. Or like, there’s songs that remind me of certain seasons. Maybe that one’s just me…
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    Sugar, We’re Going Down.
  34. dandelionsandshootingstars answered: yeah the song Dynamite by Taio Cruz…. Takes me back to sixth grade when I heard it for the first time, then my new fav radio station 97.9:)
  35. socal-barbie69 answered: YES!
  36. rubyandshosho answered: death cab anything
  37. tinycandycane answered: hmm yeah sometimes
  38. purelif-e answered: no
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